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Pocket guide for tenants – houses and units (Form 17a)

This handy 12-page pocket guide covers the basics of renting and is bright, engaging and easy to read. It replaces Renting a house or unit in Queensland and must be given to tenants before they rent a property.

The booklet has also been translated into ArabicJapanese,KoreanChinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Vietnamese.

pdf icon 16x16  Download the Pocket guide

Moving In

This booklet covers information you need at the start of a tenancy including bond, rent, paying for utilities and entry condition report.

pdf icon 16x16  Download Moving in booklet

During a Tenancy

This booklet covers important information during a tenancy including rights and responsibilities, disputes, maintenance, repairs, emergencies, fixtures, smoke alarms, rent increases/decreases, inspections and viewings, sale of property and extending a tenancy.

pdf icon 16x16  Download During a tenancy booklet

Moving Out

This booklet covers information for the end of a tenancy including ending or breaking an agreement, cleaning, exit condition report, getting your bond back and resolving problems.

pdf icon 16x16  Download Moving out booklet