Rent Collection

A rent collection fee of 5.5% incl. GST is applicable on all rent collection.

Management Fee

A management fee of 3.85% incl. GST is charged on all managed properties. No further fees are charged for any of the normal services outlined in this proposal.

Administration Fee

A fixed fee of $11.00 incl. GST per month is charged to cover sundry outlays including Federal Government & Tax paid on all deposits, postage, photocopying etc. If you have more than one property, only one administration fee will be charged overall.

Renewal of Tenancy Agreements.

It is paramount that your tenants are kept on a fixed term agreement to offer security for you, and for them. Due to legislative requirements, the renewal process must begin 3-4 months in advance. As they fall due, a rent review will be conducted and your written instructions will be requested. As this process can be time consuming, we ask a fee of half of one weeks rent + GST for lease renewals. This is only charged once the agreement is returned to the office. A copy will be provided for your records.

Letting Fee

A fee equivalent to one weeks rent + GST is charged for tenant selection. This fee includes unlimited inspections with prospective tenants, application processing, preparation of the Entry Condition Report and necessary lease documents.

Court Hearing Fee

Due to the costly process of applying to the courts, a fee of $55.00ph is requested. In most cases, court application fee and the hearing fees can be taken from a tenants bond, or covered by insurance.

Insurance Claim Lodgement Fee

Insurance claims can get messy and time consuming when there are too many parties involved. For this reason, insurance claims can be lodged on your behalf for $165 incl. GST, for a major event. This includes claim preparation and lodgement, meeting assessors onsite if necessary and unlimited time finalising the claim for you.

Refurbishment Fee

Is your property looking old and tired? Don’t have time to organise refurbishments? It can be done for you! Where a property requires 2 or more trades, a fee of 5.5% of the total refurbishment cost is applicable for project management. This will include a comprehensive report of works needing to be done, 2-3 quotes for each major item, organisation of tradesman, overseeing and inspection of completed works.

Good and Services Tax

Good and Services Tax (GST) is payable on or in respect to the supply of the service agreed to be supplied by Cairns Ultimate Real Estate to you pursuant to the terms of the Exclusive Property Management Agreement. The amount payable by you to us for the supply of that service shall be increased by the amount of GST so levied by the Government, from time to time.

Fee Negotiation for more than two Properties.

The importance of your cash flow can be maximised as I am prepared to negotiate the management fees outlined above if you have more than two properties. Please feel free to discuss this with me anytime.

Additional Services

An on-line web portal called Online Agent is also available at no extra cost. This facility allows you to access information online such as maintenance, invoices due, how much money is in trust, tenants paid to date, print off extra statements and lodge requests to me online.

“No Obligation” appraisal on your property

We will attend your investment property and shortly thereafter provide you a written “No Obligation” Appraisal and Comparative Market Analysis. This will be provided to you prior to you signing an Exclusive Property Management Agreement with Cairns Ultimate Real Estate.

In Conclusion

Cairns Ultimate Real Estate strives to provide a quality service using effective systems, methods and procedures. I hope you enjoy the refreshing change that I am offering. Asset management goes a long way beyond securing a tenant and collecting the rent. Property investing should be a smooth, stress free and painless event. Be assured that your property will maintain and increase its value, while getting the highest return possible on the capital invested. Effective communication is essential to assuring you of my attention at all times, which is why I guarantee to answer all enquiries or concerns within 24 hours. You will not be disappointed with the level of trust and responsibility you have invested in me.